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Men's mental health is as important as womens.

We all find talking about #mentalhealth difficult. It's embarrassing, scary, awkward. Where do you start? What do you say? How do you say it? For men it is even harder. Society implies to be a man you have to be strong, which equates to you have to be silent, not have emotions or feelings and you have to get on with it. Why? Where do we find a solution to reduce this stigma and how do we reduce it? First and most importantly we talk. We show #itsoktotalk. We make it as normal a part of our day as eating and drinking. By doing this those around us learn it's ok to have feelings and show them. It's ok to talk, it is normal. Then like ripples, it slowly spreads. Those around you may then talk to those around them, at work, or in clubs. The more normal it sounds the more normal it becomes. What is your experience of #letstalkaboutit #itsoknototbeok and #anxiety? Do you think the stigma of mental health can completely be broken down?

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