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At some point in life many of us can find life too overwhelming.  Negative thoughts and feelings creep in and can take over. these can be triggered from current situations or from past experiences, it may be due to a bereavement or loss you are finding hard to come to terms with or your relationships in life may not be how you want them to be. The feelings and emotions involved can be so overwhelming they can upset our daily lives and relationships causing us to lose who we are, giving a sense of loss, loneliness or confusion.  This is where counselling comes in.  I am an independent counsellor in Peterborough.  I provide a non judgemental, supportive and confidential  place, where together, we can work through things, enabling you to become more confident and you once more.  During counselling  you are able to talk about anything and everything that is a concern to you, without judgement . By being able to talk freely and in confidence helps empower us and bring our lives back on to a more even keel.  In turn giving us the strength and autonomy we need to move forward, in a happier and more confident way.  

Each counselling session lasts for 50 minutes and costs £50.00 per session for individuals or £60 for couples counselling, (reduced rates for student counsellors, these are limited places so please get in touch).  In the first session we will go through a contract so we both know what is expected of each other.  This will include time and day of counselling sessions in Peterborough, their frequency and payment.  This is also where we will get to know each other and  you can tell me what your concerns are.  I answer any questions you may have to.  If you feel that I can help, we can then start your counselling journey, helping you move  forward, exploring your concerns and working out a way through them.  The sessions are generally weekly or fortnightly  which allows you to process what we are working on without losing momentum.  I find this helps reduce any sense of overwhelming and allows you to process what we have gone through.  

I also provide counselling sessions via Skype or Zoom.  This enables clients who struggle to go out, are struggling with anxiety or have Aspergers.  I have found that this provides the opportunity for you to work in your own safe environment, and being too overwhelmed.  This also helps reduce the sensory overload felt by some clients and reduces the risk of meltdown as you are able to feel safer in your own home.  The same level of support and confidentiality is still  provided as in the face to face sessions.  You are in control of your space and the confidentiality aspect in your own home.  Being able to provide this service enables me to support clients from further afield.  There is no extra charge for this service and it is available for anyone if they so wish. Please feel free to enquire.

Anything that we discuss in the counselling sessions is in the strictest of confidence with a couple of exceptions, which will be discussed during your initial contracting.  As a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) I adhere to their guidelines to provide a safe, non-judgemental and confidential practice.  Enabling me to provide you with the care and support needed.

Life in Harmony has a Privacy policy available for you to read at any time, informing you of the high standards of confidentiality within Life in Harmony, Peterborough.

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