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Life in Harmony Counselling

Where your feelings are the heart of our work.

private counselling room, Peterborough


When anxiety strikes it can come out of the blue, taking you by surprise.  It may cause you difficulty getting out of the house, going to work or getting up and doing daily chores.  Physical symptoms appear that can be frightening and cause great concern, in turn making your anxiety worse.  Maybe your relationship is suffering and you would like couples counselling to get back on track or you are living Aspergers Syndrome/Autism, or ADHD  If any of this sounds familiar then I am able to help.


Here I provide safe, confidential and non judgemental counselling in Peterborough for individuals, couples and teens.  Specialising in Autism/Aspergers, ADHD, Anxiety, grief and couples counselling.   Within our sessions you are able to talk freely about anything that worries you, feeling safe in the knowledge that I will listen and support you as and when you need it.  Each session is led by you and what you need to explore or talk about, without judgement or fear and with empathy.



Compassion, discretion, empathy and above all confidentiality.

Call now for a confidential, no-obligation chat about your worries and to see how I can help.

Call 07305 676680 now.
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